I was 18 years old when Sylvia started working on me. I had been diagnosed with lupus since the age of 16 and was in constant, excruciating, arthritic pain with debilitating migraines, I couldn't walk without the use of a walker or go up stairs unassisted. Because of my lupus, I couldn't tolerate even 5 minutes of sunlight.  I was on 28 pills a day, each adding a new side effect daily. I was miserable.

Within my first treatment with Sylvia my pain was drastically better. Over the course of the next year she worked on me regularly and worked with me to get off of ALL my medicines. I have been seeing Sylvia for 10 years now and feel like a new person! I am now able to exercise, chase after my 2 young boys, be in the sun, and am able to manage my pain through massage instead of medicine. Sylvia changed my life. When I met her I had a very sad future ahead of me. I am now thriving and living my life without worry about my pain! 

~ Megan Mansdoerfer



I feel very lucky to have such a uniquely skilled professional on my medical treatment team. As a cervical cancer survivor, I remember what it was like living with the many side effects resulting from my body's response to cancer, surgery, and radiation. Before I met Sylvia, I was in constant pain from swelling over parts of my body. I had limited movement in various joints as well as extreme muscle tightness. Sylvia has an amazing wealth of knowledge and expertise in how to deal with problems of the lymphatic system and circulatory system of immune suppressed individuals. She truly understands the anatomy and physiology of the human body which she applies in her day to day ability to counter her patient's problems. Thanks to Sylvia, I feel healthier with each visit. Even though I drive 90 minutes each way just to see her, I look forward to my massage therapy appointments. It's time and money well spent!

~  Debi Fournier



I have heard great things for years of the healing properties that are offered by the drainage of lymph glands and the ‘magic hands’ that make it happen. I finally have had the opportunity to experience it and the expertise that is involved. The ‘great things’ are true and I will continue to make this particular massage a regular part of my life.  

~  Lynn Mear Hopper



 I am 78, my wife 76 and we feel healthier now than we did eleven years ago. I was recuperating from surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder in the late spring of 2003. I got up in the middle of the night, lost my balance, and fell backward onto a flower pot and injured my back. The pain grew progressively worse over the next few days until one morning I was starting to stand up from the hospital type bed that we had rented and was stricken with the most severe pain that I had ever encountered. I could not continue to stand up nor could I sit back down, I could not move. My wife brought me an old pair of crutches to support myself until she could get help.

My wife called the physical therapy facility that had tried to treat my back injury a few days prior and they were unable to send someone; however, they could recommend an independent therapist that might be able to respond. My wife called Sylvia Mizokami and she came immediately from her home ten miles away.

Sylvia went to the problem without delay and within minutes I was able to lie down and as Sylvia worked the pain subsided. She came each morning at 6:30 over the next several days to help me get up and move on my own. This allowed me to be driven to various doctors for diagnosis and suggested treatment.

I was admitted to Mission Hospital in July for major spinal surgery to replace shattered T-10 vertebrae. Four titanium rods and a carbon composite vertebra along with 24 screws completed the two day operation. The hospital provided visiting occupational therapists to teach me the basics of convalescence but nothing in the way of physical therapy. 

Sylvia came back into our lives and guided me into a program of gentle exercise along with therapeutic massage to help rebuild muscle tissue lost from almost two months of bed rest. She moved toward more demanding exercises and stringent deep tissue massage as I progressed. She demonstrated the ability to “hone in” on potential problem areas and resolve them before they became serious.

The surgery left my spinal column almost rigid from head to tail. Frequent deep-tissue massage is essential to maintaining good circulation and provides me with what little flexibility that I now have. My wife and I have retained Sylvia to give us wellness training and massage therapy. Her knowledge of the circulatory system along with her ability to diagnose ailments and perform proper treatment made her an important part of our lives.

Now, almost eleven years have passed and, both my wife and I credit Sylvia with our continuing good health and sense of well-being.      

As example: In early 2000 my wife had knee surgery and her doctor advised her that she would be a candidate for knee replacement within the next few years.     She wore a knee brace at that time when going for walks and was in almost constant discomfort. Now, she is without knee pain and can walk for a mile on the beach with ease. The doctor that performed my shoulder surgery in 2003 had said that my left shoulder would be next for an operation. Surgery is no longer required for either of us. 

On a personal note: Sylvia is dedicated to a husband of 26 years and four children who are equally devoted to her.She is a caring superb person and a trusted friend.

~  Bob & Margaret Anthis



I have been living with moderate to severe Fibromyalgia, as well as other chronic pain conditions, for over fifteen years. I have been on the "hamster wheel" of doctors who tend to dismiss me when they find out that I am not going to be a routine case that they can throw a pill or physical therapy at because I am a more complicated case and was told by one honest doctor that I am an "enigma". Another doctor told me that "Fibro would not kill me, but that there would be days when I would wish that it did." I have lived with severe chronic pain, sleep problems, headaches, restless leg syndrome, muscle aches, low-grade fevers, hives, and many other symptoms. I have tried acupuncture, physical therapy, medications, and massage. Some things helped a little bit, some things not at all, but nothing permanently. Needless to say, I am fairly disgusted by most of the medical community and I was beginning to give up hope on ever feeling or getting better. A friend was going to see Sylvia for awhile with a lot of improvement from his illness and he kept trying to get me to make an appointment. Being as discouraged as I was in the medical community, it took me quite some time to make my first appointment. I finally decided to give Mizokami Advanced Circulatory Sports Therapy a try since I figured that I had nothing to lose. I began my first few sessions with Sylvia who was very kind, compassionate and who gave me some suggestions that no doctor had ever even mentioned! Because of scheduling, I had to switch therapists. Although I still live with chronic pain and Fibromyalgia,my treatments have definitely given me hope for some recovery or remission. She is the first person who has done this for me in a long time. She is a very strong, yet sensitive spirit who is sensitive to my body's pain and reactions to it. Brenda seems to know when my body is releasing more toxins than usual and gently asks me if it is okay to put ice on my back. The work that she has done on me has definitely brought down some of the swelling that I have had in my armpits as the toxins are being released from my body. It took longer than usual for my body to respond to the therapy but I believe that my body is finally "learning" how to rid itself of toxins in a way that it has not done in a very long time. I seem to be sleeping better and more soundly and my "recovery" time after therapy is becoming shorter and shorter. My moods have been better and I just generally feel more balanced after Brenda works on me. Brenda is a very compassionate therapist who is a natural healer and it shows in her very caring and empathetic demeanor. Brenda is very understanding and actually listens to what I have to say when it comes to my illness. I appreciate her calm nature and her gentle strength. Brenda can be flexible with scheduling which is very helpful for someone who does not always know how their body is going to be feeling from one day to the next. She does not push me to come in more than I feel comfortable with because she really does care.

If you are considering trying Circulatory Sports Therapy, please be kind to yourself and make an appointment with Brenda or one of the other wonderful therapists at Mizokami. Being a very tough case, I can tell you that you have very little to lose and so very much to gain. Brenda is an awesome human being who uses her healing spirit to make other people feel better, and I highly recommend her as a massage therapist. I am so grateful to Brenda and to Sylvia for creating such a lovely environment of healing energy.

~ Debbie Whaley



I have been to many therapist and many health related professionals.  As an athlete, I notice the “disconnect” too often between what I am experiencing and what the provider thinks I’m experiencing.  Not so with Brenda.  She is a talented and gifted provider whose work has helped me recover from (1) a broken acromion at my right scapula so fast I was on my bike within days.

After breaking all my ribs and clavicle, puncturing my lung and a collapsed chest, Brenda’s work helped be to be back at training within 5 weeks.   Her work is nothing less than astonishing.

~ Joe Rodarti



Oliver O’Mara has been my massage therapist for several months.  I would consider myself a bit of a spa rat and treat myself to a good massage every 6 to 8 weeks when I have time.    However, those massages are a different experience as they are in a full service spa; so I am looking for a relaxing experience, typically with some friends.  However, those massages and that experience cannot be compared to the treatment I receive from Oliver. 

He has absolutely magic hands and truly can determine areas of my body that are sore or need attention.  Sometimes, I don’t even know the need attention until he says “is this tender?”.   I make sure I drink plenty of water the day of and after his massage and there is a definite change in how good I feel.   Again, the spa is relaxing and good for the mind and soul.  An appointment with Oliver is good for the soul with long lasting and truly medicinal qualities.  

I recently have had issues with my back and left arm due to poor placement of my keyboard and monitors at work.   His was so good about seeing me quickly to help with my issues. When I went to see him, I could not raise my arm more than half way.    He concentrated on the areas that needed attention and by the time I left, I had almost full range of motion again. 

I cannot say enough about Oliver and calming demeanor and remarkable understanding of the human body and how it is all attached.   I would highly recommend him as a massage therapist and will continue to see him for as long as he will put up with my aches and pains.  

~ Sue Wilson



Being a physically active 54-year-old woman, a big priority for me is to continue my lifestyle.  I’ve always struggled with poor posture and tight muscles throughout my body.  Therefore, when Oliver introduced me to structural integration I was all ears.  I decided to commit to 10 sessions within the time frame suggested by Oliver.  Oliver proved to be extremely knowledgeable and clearly has strong belief in the benefits of structural integration.  Each session focused on a different part of my body. The tension in my body slowly released, as my body would allow. I began to notice subtle changes.  For example, my knees and hips felt more fluid; I was able to squat lower than I ever have and my shoulders were more fluid while I was swimming.  Overall, the stiffness in other areas has improved also.

I plan to continue with “tune-ups” every 6 months or whenever necessary.  I trust Oliver due to his level of experience and expertise.  And, his advise was never a sales pitch but rather his belief in the therapy and the benefits it could provide for me.   Oliver has the work ethic that’s for sure!

~ Marisa Eads



When I first met Oliver, I had been dealing with sciatic pain for 2 years.  It had become so painful that I was unable to exercise or participate in other daily activities.  I went to physical therapy, deep tissue massage, and acupuncture with little relief for the pain. 

With Oliver’s focus, commitment, and knowledge of the way the whole body works together, my pain began to improve.  With each session, he made sure that he was as thorough as possible to get the best results, even if it took longer than expected.  He used a combination of Neuromuscular and MACSL therapy. 

Oliver’s sincere concern was apparent.   He consistently followed up with me and tracked my progress and now I am able to participate in all of the activities I enjoy without sciatic pain.  When I have flare-ups I know I will be calling Oliver. Thank you Oliver.

~ Kristina Eads



I have worked with Oliver eleven times in total. I originally sought him out to receive structural integration therapy, also known as "rolfing". Over ten weeks, the rolfing treatment helped rid me of nagging injuries I had had for a year and a half and was a great reboot for my body. I definitely recommend it for anyone who suffers from recurring physical discomfort. Oliver is an attentive healer who gets you involved in the session. He constantly checks in about pain levels and works with you to ensure he is targeting the proper areas. He wields a fine tuned balance of gentleness and force to alleviate physical ailments. Do yourself the favor and go see him.

~ Kelsey Smith



I came to Sylvia Mizokami seven years ago because of my family history of breast cancer and autoimmune disease. She’s not only educated me about the importance of a properly functioning lymphatic system, but taught me how to manage my own specific issues. Her sensitive touch and understanding of the interdependence of body systems, compliment her excellent medical training.  I credit the excellent health I enjoy today to her proactive approach to massage therapy.

~  Karen



Sylvia is more than just a massage therapist for me, she is an inspiration.  Not only has she helped my family and me physically, but she has taken the time to educate us about how we can help ourselves.  I found out that I had a rare bone cancer when I was 17 years old, and underwent chemotherapy and radiation.  I began receiving treatment from Sylvia shortly after.  I firmly believe that her treatments have helped me get my lymphatic system functioning again and have noticed a positive change in my life because of it.  I would not be where I am without the handwork and love from this awesome woman!

~ Erin Kaupp 



I highly recommend Sylvia Mizokami to anyone.

She is very knowledgeable in her field and she genuinely cares about your well-being.  When Sylvia works on you, she explains what she is doing step-by-step and what part of the body it effects.  After she is done with your treatment, she gives you "homework" to work on that will help you until your next visit.

We knew each other because our boys went to the same school and played sports together. After a few incidences of health issues, Sylvia saw me and offered to work on me right away.  She did and I have been going to her ever since that time.  My health has improved after being treated by Sylvia.  I have better posture and feel better.  I am blessed to have Sylvia in my life.

It is also nice to know that if Sylvia cannot see me, she has quality practitioners at Mizokami Advanced Circulatory Sports Therapy that can see me instead.

~ Julie Petersen 



Sylvia is a very knowledgeable and caring person.  She helped drain my lymphatic system and there was visible difference with the swelling around my eyes and neck area. My range of motion improved greatly in my neck along with my achiness.  I have an autoimmune disorder and Sylvia is very persistent in figuring out the best way to relieve symptoms along with helping my body to heal itself.  Sylvia is a very hard worker balanced by empathy.  I have very much appreciated her care and help with my health issues.

~ Judy Giusta



Jody Conners has quite simply corrected and maintained some long term posture and shoulder issues of mine. 

With her mix of stretch, sports and lymphatic massage, my body has never felt finer.
Her knowledge concerning training, lifting and the human body is quite astounding.

~ Ryan C.



Oliver O'Mara has been treating me for almost a year. I was referred to him as part of an alternative care treatment to help combat my battle with pancreatic cancer.  

I love getting massages and I'm a firm believer that they are beneficial in preventative health care. Oliver's dedication and expertise in lymphatic drainage has taken me to a whole other level in how my body responds to this massage technique. 

Oliver has worked with me to manage my pain, sleep better, breath better and physically rid my body of a of the nasty stuff that goes into it with chemo and radiation. 

Thank you Oliver for having my best interests in mind every time I see you. The first question you always ask is "how are you feeling". Once you know what changes have transpired since the last visit you hone in and work directly on the areas of my body that need attention.

~ Rosie P.



I am so grateful to have found Oliver and the MASCL team in San Clemente. I have been getting a massage consistently, once a week, for the past 6 months with Oliver. Consistency is everything in healing your body and the lymphatic system. Doing this weekly requires that I take time for self care, no matter what. It has been a blessing. I am so thankful for Oliver's flexibility. He always makes scheduling work. I see myself continuing this treatment for the months ahead, until all my health issues are resolved.

~ Whitney A.


Karin is the best! Love their techniques and their space is really relaxing, welcoming and makes you feel right at home. Everyone is so nice and willing to answer any questions. 

So happy I found this place!

~ Patricia M.


Mizokami is hands down the best therapeutic massage I've ever had. The owner Sylvia is highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable in the area of lymphatic massage as is my masseuse Brenda. I consider Mizokami to be health care professionals rather than a massage parlor. Your lymphatic system keeps your immune system working right, and the proprietary MASCL technique used here keeps your lymphatic system working right. I cannot recommend Mizokami Advanced Circulatory Sports Therapy enough.

~ David M.


I have seen every Therapist at MACSL. They are all very skilled, caring and professional. The facility is impeccably beautiful. Make an appointment and experience for yourself:)

~ Brenda B.


I have been seeing Oliver since the first of the year and will keep going.  I have appreciated the role of the lymph but this is the first time I have worked with someone who knows how to DRAIN the lymph.  I look forward to maintenance as I am hooked for life.  Oliver has such consistent strength in his hands as well as such a knowledgable working of the human body.  What helps me the most is he keeps inspiring me towards my better health goals.  I am blessed.

~ Carolyn B.


As an athlete and active person who has Rheumatoid Arthritis and takes a type of Chemo drug to keep the crippling disease at bay, it's important that I relieve my body from the toxin. Each time I have gone, my body drains through the lymph nodes. You can see the results  on the silhouette of my towel, its dark and brown.  It's a cleansing you feel, your lungs feel better, and every part of yourself. I highly recommend this to everyone.. I have also gone also for sports injuries, again, I heal faster..  I have gone to both, Brenda and Jody. Both are excellent!

~ Suzie Graf


Love their new space! Mizokami Advanced Circulatory Sports Therapy has always been a healing place but their new offices bring a level of professionalism that equals the quality of their care.  The addition of reflexologist, Sally Parent and esthetician, Tiona Miyamoto round out a stellar staff. My monthly treatment with Sylvia is a gift I give myself.

~ K.M.


The MACSL therapy is a life saver. My personal situation involves a suppressed Lymphatic System. I discovered this condition when I was very ill for a few months. After extensive blood work at my Dr. and eventually down at SCRIPPS. I was told there nothing wrong with me. I was positive I had Cancer. No doubt. 
My symptoms included but weren't limited to:
Water retention and puffiness. 
Brain fog
Lack of energy
Red bumps at my chest and arm pits. 
Swollen arm pits. 
Body blisters
Numb legs

My Dr. decided it was a staff infection and prescribed a low grade antibiotic. Over a 2 month period with no results, he slowly upgraded the prescription to Cipro which was considered a "nuke" in my dr's book. After 2 months and a 3rd trip to the Dr. I threw in the towel. Then- out of sheer luck- An old friend stopped by my office to say hello. As he peaked his head into my door- his first words were-What happened to you? You look Horrible. 

I explained I was dying of cancer and the Dr. just couldn't identify it yet and I was just waiting for the news any day. My buddy stated that he had the same condition and proceeded to show me his signs and elaborate on his situation. He explained to me his staunch opinion that my immune system was suppressed and a Doctor wasn't my solution. He made a call to Sylvia at Mizokami and begged for a open slot for me. Although she was booked solid, she heard him out and agreed to see me that night. 

I arrived 2 hours ahead of my appointment. That kind of gives you an idea of my mindset. After a 30 minutes of explaining the human immune system to me, Sylvia began my treatment. About 50 minutes into the session I felt a wave of joy come across my body. I began to laugh uncontrollably and felt a feeling that I had never experienced in my life. It was euphoric. This continued for about 3 minutes. Sylvia said the men laugh and the women cry.

She went on to explain that my lymphatic system was plugged. This condition plugged my body's ability to produce the chemical that regulates your happiness- Serotonin. I was deficient of this and as well,  -my body's filtering system was compromised. It stopped working.  No different than a dirty air filter in a car. I was plugged. And all the pathogens our blood carries and is supposed to filter into our body's version of a washing machine was staying blocked up in my body. As soon as she opened my system and cleared the blockage- my body took inventory and discovered the lack of Serotonin- So it overloaded the production to fill the void. This created the uncontrolled laughing and euphoria.

When the session was done- I felt like a million bucks. I felt empty and free. 
The towel I laid on was Brown. I took photos. It was amazing and scary. 
Sylvia explained that I would go home that night and have the worst headache ever. 
Then- I would be Normal the next morning. I had the worst headache of my life that night and awoke a new man. We set up apts every 3 weeks. The first year I missed 2 apts. Each time, by week 4 I was on the couch, puffy and sick until I got into my next apt. 

I never missed again and have been happy, athletic, heathy and basically normal with only a few onsets over the last 8 years. I cannot give a higher recommendation for this therapy. If you have any of the symptoms I described above, or others that your doctor cannot heal, then you owe it to yourself and your family to go in a at least a few sessions. Without a doubt- this saved my life. 

You are more than welcome to call me directly and I will speak to you about this. 
Ask Sylvia for my phone number and I will walk you though my experience. 
Good luck!

~ T.D.


I've been enjoying massages from Mizokami Advanced Circulatory Sports Therapy for 15 years. It has greatly improved the affects of an old whiplash injury and keeps me healthy, strong and active at 64. I have enjoyed therapy from most of the massage therapists and I can honestly say that all of them have provided me with outstanding treatments. Their treatment is curative and holistic which makes me feel that I have avoided age related disease. San Clemente is very lucky to have this state of the art therapy available to us.

~ Nonie F.


Thank you to all the therapist on my team for helping me stay healthy. You helped me through my Lupus and PE . Thank you.

~Sylvia D.


Oliver is AMAZING!!!! I have been seeing Oliver 2-3 times a month consistently for the past 18 months and he has helped me TREMENDOUSLY with his lymphatic drainage massages! I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and when I leave I instantly feel better! He really helps alleviate the pain in my joints. Not only do you feel amazing afterwards, but Oliver is literally helping you to be healthier. I am very thankful to God for finding him! He is professional, kind, caring, listens to my needs and really works with my schedule to accommodate me! Most of us don't know what a big role our lymphatic system plays and how important it is to keep it in tip top working order to care for our immune system. This is especially crucial if you have an auto immune disease. On a side note a huge benefit was it actually shrank my arms, hips and now my legs are starting to get smaller! I have been told how "tiny" I am now! I HIGHLY recommend Oliver and Mizokami Advanced Circulatory Sports Therapy. Make an appointment today! Your body will thank you!!!

~Sharie C.


I have had incredible success at Mizokami Advanced Circulatory Sports Therapy. They have literally changed my life and health. I have lupus and when I started coming to them I was using a walker to walk, on 28 pills a day, in constant pain and in and out of the hospital. I have been going for 12 years now and thanks to their lymphatic drainage massages I have been able to get off of ALL meds, I am walker free, and now a busy mommy to two. Any time I'm in a flare up I come in and get immediate relief. I have seen them help friends and family members with migraines, back pain, knee pain, and so much more.

~Megan M.


MASCAL Therapy should be a higher rating than a 5!!! I originally started with Sylvia when I had a frozen shoulder several years ago.  After her careful assessment she was sure that she would be able to help me avoid surgery.  She was right!! After several appointments she was able to get my circulation and lymphatic system working properly again to help heal my shoulder.  I also know that MASCAL Therapy helps prevent many illnesses.  Since I have Breast cancer in my family I know how important it is to have a healthy lymphatic system.  The other therapists: Oliver, Brenda, and Ashley also do an outstanding job of helping my body stay healthy.  I'm so grateful for all the therapists knowledge and dedication to helping people.

~Marisa E.


Mizokami Advanced Circulatory Sports Therapy is the best place in the WORLD to get a legitimate lymphatic drainage massage. The staff have become like family for me! I look forward to every treatment. The bar has been set so high for me now that getting a massage anywhere else is just silly. I absolutely love the therapy and believe it has contributed greatly to my overall health and wellness! Thank you MACST!!

~Anna C.