About Us

We are a sports and massage therapy center located in beautiful San Clemente, California.  Our practitioners are uniquely skilled in performing a proprietary technique called Mizokami-Advanced Circulatory Sports Lymphatic (MACSL). Our therapy increases lymph flow, improves circulation and promotes the body's own elimination of toxins (debris).  Our unique technique integrates cross fiber and sports massage techniques, and is specially tailored to an individual's needs. We also specialize in treatment, remission, and prevention of breast cancer and other types of cancer. If you have more questions about the lymphatic system or our treatments, please visit the FAQ section of our site.

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All of our massages are conducted using organic, cold-pressed sesame oil. We use sesame oil because of its unique ability to penetrate all the way to the bone marrow and for its anti-inflammatory properties. Some benefits of sesame oil include: preventing contagious infections, enhancing quality of bones, supporting dental health, lowering blood pressure, helping prevent diabetes, boost metabolism and circulation, slow down skin aging process, providing moisture to the skin, and relief in rheumatoid arthritis pain.

Additionally, we offer skin care brands and wellness products that are creulty free and nontoxic such as: Epicuren, Qet, doTerra Essential Oils, and Ho'āla Skin Care.

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